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Below are some free and practical resources for you to enjoy...

Pray & Slay, Ladies!

Parenting Target Zones

In episode 54, "God Centered Parenting", Pam & Kim share that the development of faith is not mutually exclusive from a child’s development; don't miss this dream-team's inspiring perspective rooted in proactivity & intentionality for facilitating faith in our children. 

Click the below link to access the Parenting Target Zones file that Pam references in the episode! To learn more or purchase their amazing book- Big Emotions, Seeds of Faith click here

Resource Guide

Wanting to learn more after listening to our dialogue on racism? Here's a guide from the speakers of their personal recommended resources, it's in word document format so you can easily click the links. 

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Irene's Book Link

Did you check out Irene's episode, "Confessions of a Wounded Idealist"? Here's the link to the first book that her and her husband co-authored: Healing of a Wounded Idealist: A Guide Back to Faith for the Christian Cynic. You can also find the follow up book, The Humble Idealist. The pod squad highly recommends!

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Book of John Quiet Time Booklet

We hope you enjoy this twenty-one day quiet time booklet based upon the book of John. Every day you will read the specified chapter of John on your own, read through the quiet time of that day, and then answer the "Questions to Consider." All of the devotionals were written by women in the San Diego Church. We also encourage you to journal your thoughts and prayers daily--maybe even draw some doodles if you're feeling artsy fartsy!

Used Books
Woven in Truth YouTube Channel

If you wanna see some faces then check out our YouTube channel! It currently features short videos with thoughts and spiritual perspectives from diverse women.

Current video series include:

Power of Perspective + Be Still & Know

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Am I Enough?
Episode 46 Handout

Robin Weidner was the featured speaker at Woven's first ever live-podcast event. Here's the handout if you want to follow along. You can also check out Robin and other resources on her website

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Redefined Identity 

Our sweet friend Betty's article on finding her identity as a daughter of God. Check out her inspiring perspective. 

What excuses do you make about faithfuln
Podsquad Book Recommendations

Looking for a spiritual book to check out to enrich your bible study or personal growth? Check out the pod squads' list favorite books and see if one might be right for you! 

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